Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You know you're a bit of a music geek when...

...You find yourself discussing the arrangement and chord changes of a remix on a music blog.

And I still prefer Reznor's original to the DFA remix.


Donell said...

to be straight up and honest i was quite unimpressed with "hand that feeds", NiN need to take a little from the musical perfectionist basket and put it into the "playing with the fuzzy imperfection that comes with emotion" basket. just a humble hardcore fan's interpretation.

James said...

I dunno, I think the perfectionism works for Reznor. He manages to be emotional, even overly so, but still have a certain clearheaded precision to his work. Most of the hardcore friends have got me to listen to just seems imprecise, less fuzzy imperfection than "man yelling is fun shit i missed the intro to that chorus oh well the x on my hands still looks pretty awesome lets yell some more."

plus, since Reznor is basically the entirety of Nine Inch Nails, he can't just fool with live studio recording like more conventional bands can. he has to piece together his songs bit by bit, and his industrial genre just makes him more predisposed to use electronics and precision.