Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I guess chocolate costs more

It has begun; Valentine's Day is encroaching on the office. A basket of those chalky, horrible candy hearts with words written on them now sits on the table in the staff room. These aren't the ones from my childhood, however. As disgusting and corny as they were, at least they made sense. I'm seeing a few issues with the messages on the new ones. Let's take a look:

BEEP ME - This is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. Were these run by Human Resources?

BE TRUE - Not something you should probably be saying via candy heart. If you have to remind somebody of this at all, there are larger issues that need attending to.

NO WAY - That's a little harsh for candy, isn't it?

HIGH 5 - Who? Why? On Valentine's Day?

TRUE ONE - I'm confused, wasn't this just in question?

U-R SURE - I am? Of what?

E-MAIL - Stapler! Telephone! Context! Is there lead paint on the walls?