Saturday, February 05, 2005

I don't know when it was that Blogger became legitimate again. Back when I started Woozle, it seemed that nobody used it. The interface was rudimentary, the servers were down more than they were up, and it got even less respect than Livejournal. Livejournal.

You didn't think that was possible, did you?

Eventually, I was lured away from Blogger by the more stable servers of Livejournal, a shinier interface, and the fact that I actually knew people who used it. And like every other person, I fell into the trap of 5 word entries and the same quizzes and memes that every Livejournal user does. These posts started to become more and more prevalent on my journal, until eventually I stopped having real posts altogether.

And overnight, Blogger became something real. The servers stabilized, the interface was polished and given more features, and it seemed that a mass exodus from clients like Xanga, Diaryland, and Livejournal started to occur. But I didn't switch then, not yet. I knew how absurd Livejournals were, but I still couldn't bring myself to trust Blogger again after months of troubles and lost posts. Then Tony wrote a really fucking funny guide to blogging, and wham.



Here I am. Again. Maybe for real.