Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How do you live? How do you live?

This morning Global News: Morning Edition did a report on the new Harry Potter book release this weekend. The piece explained the 12:01 release this Saturday, the offer from the publisher to a few customers who were accidentally given copies to keep the plot secret, and focussed on the factoid that the book has been topping bestseller lists since presales started several months ago. Following the report, the anchors chatted about the book and Andrea Engel, never the quickest person on the broadcast, asked the following: How were the publishers able to ensure no plot leaks from the book if so many people had bought their copies months ago on the internet and in store?


I mean, wow. This definitely tops forgetting to turn her microphone on and doing a whole broadcast anyway.

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Grrrumpy Face said...

It's semi-tragic that that mic episode is in the SECOND PARAGRAPH of her bio, before her rollerskating and charity work.
What the hell is going on with her hair?
And she works with J'lyn and GORD? Gord, who worked in Minnesota!
I just read all of their bios . . . Andrea's is the worst.