Sunday, July 03, 2005


Friday kicked off a very important period for me: my last month working construction. By the end of July, weather permitting, I will have more than enough money for university tuition and books. This is a huge relief, since I've basically been running myself ragged with my sleep schedule for the last year. This is what I have planned for the last month before school:

-August 1-6th: Work sparingly at the IGA, only in afternoons and evenings. Catch up on sleep.
-August 7th: FolkFest
-August 8th-9th or 10th: Laser eye surgery and recovery
-August 14th at the latest (likely): Help Jessie move out. Have margaritas aplenty
-August 15th-30th: Work at the IGA lots to get some spare cash
-August 31st: Eye checkup with Dr. Tennant.
-September 1st (if not August 31st): Invasive eye surgery
-September 2nd-6th: Recovery

At some point during this period I'll buy the second season of The OC on DVD, some new clothes, and replace the needle on my record player (or just the player itself). This will be followed by a few days spent in my bedroom curled up in the corner with the lights off and the blinds shut, listening to music.

While we're on the subject of vinyl, I really wouldn't argue with somebody buying me the new limited edition first pressing of the PAS/CAL and La Laque's split 12" EP. It's available here. Pretty please.


James said...

Oh, I have an addition to the schedule that I forgot to mention:

August 23rd - Struggle with the decision of whether to buy the second season of The OC on its DVD release date, or the Beatles Anthology on DVD. Vexing.

Lana said...

Personally, I'm all for the OC second season, but the Beatles Anthology is tempting...
Hey now that everything is paid!!