Thursday, February 22, 2007


It is no secret that Veronica Mars is just about my favourite show on television. And that I hate Myspace. In a perfect world they wouldn't ever be uttered in the same sentence, because I'm pretty sure that every time it happens, I die a little. Does it work if I just mention Kristen Bell? Do I just lose a toe? A couple of years? Is this basically like smoking?

Aw hell, I'm pretty sure this counts as understandable risk anyway.

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Kait said...

I love that show too, but I'm only on Episode 5 or 6 or something stupid like that. Will you hate me if I tell you I have a crush on Weevil (although? Last season's Weevil. He was better then, I don't know why).

James said...

I am all about Ms. Veronica. MMM.

Kait said...

Well, if I was male, I totally would be too. She's pretty cute. And very very small! Like an elf!