Wednesday, March 14, 2007



-The head of forensic research told my supervisor that I'm one of the best, most accurate workers he's seen in a while. She relayed this to me in front of the program manager.
-Bought 20pc. Ammonite dish set for 75% off at Stokes.
-After talking with the lady at Aveda about the return of my dandruff, it was discovered that the Rosemary & Mint shampoo and conditioner I've been using have also been drying my scalp out. I'm now switching to the Shampure variety.
-Calabrese olives.
-Danny picked up my course calendar for me, so I'm all clear to register for classes on Sunday Tuesday.

-Missed Bones, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
-The poppy seed candy recipe I tried out tonight was a disaster, despite following it precisely. The poppy seeds just floated to the top of the mixture, which even after 40 minutes setting and another hour in the freezer, still didn't set. When I was finally able to harden it enough to get it out of the pan, it just melted right onto the cutting board. The 2" squares? Rolled up, they're a lot bigger than marbles: it yields 16, not 40, using the measurements she gives. When I finally ate one? It made me sick.


Kait said...

Ooh, excellent job on the sale at Stokes.

I love Aveda's scalp benefits shampoo. I thought it smelled yucky at first, but now I like the herbal scent (as opposed to super perfumy shampoos). Do you really use conditioner?

Sorry to hear about the poppy seed candy. That sounds disappointing.

James said...

I use conditioner every day. Gotta keep my hair healthy and soft.

Kait said...

Interesting! It's probably very soft and full of body. :)