Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy, Best Compilation Soundtrack

I'm such a sheep; Donell recently did the Soundtrack To Your Life Challenge, that popular meme where you put iTunes on shuffle and each song corresponds to certain questions. Challenge? Challenge? I'll be damned if I'm going to be shown up by an Easterner and I encourage you all to put him in his place.


Opening Credits: Art Brut - "Formed a Band"
Waking up: Sufjan Stevens - "Once in David's Royal City"
First day at school: Kokopelli - "Close Now Thine Eyes"
Falling in love: Paul McCartney - "Here Today"
Breaking up: Pavement - "Raft"
Life's OK: Snow Patrol - "Tiny Little Fractures"
Breakdown: Celestial Season - "Sharks and Razors"
Driving: Sarah Harmer - "The Phoenix"
Flashback: The Vines - "Ain't No Room"
Getting back together: Johnny Cash - "Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Folsom Prison)"
Wedding: Interpol - "Narc"
Sex scene: Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"
Birth of child: The Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar"
Final battle: The Weakerthans - "(Past Due)"
Death scene: Great Big Sea - "Lukey (Live)"
Funeral song: Ellen Allien & Apparat - "Do Not Break"
Dance sequence: Box Five - "Snow Hymn"
End credits: Silverchair - "Pure Massacre"


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Donell said...

I may be reading this a couple months late but ... ahem... EASTERNER?!!!! wtf my friend. doubleyou... teee... efff!

you should hear me complain about how much i wish i was back in alberta mi amigo. hell, its april, the oilers arent even IN the playoffs and still wear my jersey on a REGULAR basis.