Monday, August 01, 2005

Yummy in My Tummy

After I finished work tonight, I went out looking for some rapini (broccoli raab) to make with Italian sausage and pasta for dinner tonight. Before eventually finding it at Superstore for $1.98/lb, I stopped in at the Starbucks by 170th street and 100th avenue. Now, normally when I go to coffee, I go to the Second Cup in Oliver Square. Cori, my junior high crush, works there, and after seeing her for the first time in years she told me to come back all the time and visit her. Flirting? Not likely, but I'm not one to take that chance.

When I'm not being this irrational, I just go to Starbucks. When it's warm out, nothing beats a mint mocha chip Frappucino. I've got two main choices here: the one in Jasper Gates and the one in the Chapters on 170th street. They both have their plusses. The Jasper Gates location has cute baristas and is slightly closer, and the 170th street location has my friend Dru. This one often wins out, because when forced to interact with a cute girl I have no chance with, I'd much rather pick the one where I can cut through all the awkwardness, infatuation, and depression and skip straight to the ooey gooey nougat centre of denial and rationalization.

I just never get tired of the nougat. Sure, it's a little chewier and sticks to your teeth, but it's worth the trouble because it goes with everything.

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Donell said...

You wouldn't believe who I met walking down Whyte last night.

Tyler Neilson.

reading about Cori reminded me, ha.