Friday, August 19, 2005


Last night was pretty slick. Donell came by and we just kicked it for a while. After watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which was as hilarious as Donell had promised, I switched the night's programming from Lost in Translation to the two hour series premiere of Firefly. I knew that if I could just get Donell to watch it, I could get him to love it. Why? Because I haven't enountered a person yet who didn't watch the premiere and love it. Without fail, Donell enjoyed the premiere and made some comments about needing to buy DVDs. Success.

After that, we pulled out our guitars and Donell proceeded to not only try to correct my atrocious posture and technique (well, that's what I get when I play my guitar once a month or so,) but to teach me the Foo Fighters' "Everlong." Progress was slow, but made. I didn't quite get the proper pattern of chords, so we just played a stripped down version. It was also turned into a very necessary lesson in technique and fingering. All in all, it was a good night and Donell's rad for putting up with all that. Now I just have to keep practicing and keep learning. Given my track record, that's a tall request but I think I'm up to it this time.


neverending rainbows said...

The Princess Bride rocks!!!! i saw it in your profile. :D

Donell said...

JAMES YOU ROCK! Blender = awesomeness beyond all fucking comprehension!! And yes, I am definitely purchasing Firefly DVD's, because they were definitely as good as YOU promised.


Donell said...

and now I TOO own Firefly. Serenity is going to kick some serious butt. Peace.