Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A conversation with my sister:

Me: Btw, yesterday in the shower I solved the whole "elected senate" issue.


Me: Make appointments require ratification by the House. It introduces accountability (and an investigative process to root out the riffraff) but doesn't require actual elections, which would be huge disasters since, well, nobody actually cares about the senate candidates. People are pissed that the process is unaccountable, not that it's not an election. After all, look at the disastrously low amount of people that voted for the nonbinding senate election in the last election.

Sarah: True. and look at how few people vote in elections at ALL.

Me: Exactly. Making this kind of stuff accountable (I would also suggest it be done for supreme court judges) but not elected defuses the entire issue immediately. You have to admit, this is actually a pretty good idea.

Sarah: Oddly enough, it is. Usually dudes do other things than thinking this stuff up when they're in the shower.

Me: I did this first.

Sarah: *sigh*

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Sarah said...

dude, I don't think ANYONE wants to hear about how you touch yourself in the shower.