Friday, April 07, 2006

A faint tingling

Back in January I, in a rare time of care for my future, applied for the university's Psychology Internship program, wherein I would work for 12-16 months in the field, gaining what I can only imagine is valuable experience and a juicy centre to call my very own. I got conditionally accepted, which basically meant that I was in the program, assuming I was actually employable. And after a couple good interviews yielded poor results, that was starting to look less and less likely, and as I am wont to do, I started getting anxious and nervous. After all, if I can't even be a probation officer, how can I do something more clinical? Should I just give up right now and get a BEd? I don't even own a rumpled sportscoat.

Thank God that's not going to happen for another year at least. Today I got a call from Kimberly in Alberta Hospital's human resources department saying what basically amounts to a successful conning of three distinguished professionals into thinking I'm actually the best person for this job. That in itself is impressive. I mean, I work at a grocery store, and I somehow translated that into valuable skills. With psychology. With sex offenders. Wow. Moreover, maybe I'll no longer feel out of place with some of my friends; the one in grad school with grants, the one finishing up nursing programs, the one who's the campus Chief Returning Officer or even just the ones living on their own. It actually feels like I'm doing something, that I'm stepping forward.

And you know, that feels pretty good.


S. Allux said...

Congratulations! What does the position entail?

James said...

Basically, at the beginning it will be a lot of computer data entry. As it moves on, it'll gradually encompass more data collection and psychometric testing of the inpatients (the adult male sex offenders.) I'll also have supervised clinical time with the inpatients. I've also got to develop my own individual project/program, they seemed interested in my idea of exploring the use of music and other creative arts in the rehabilitation process.