Sunday, November 13, 2005

That's the sound a bird makes.

On Friday I got my hair cut, but in lieu of the "layered shag" I've gone with over the last five years, I decided to go for something different. Having watched almost the entire first season of Scrubs that week, I went for my own version of the Zach Braff feathery indie pompadour. The results? Terrifyingly awesome. The style? The poof? It's like a magnificent bird, taking flight. That's a simile you can quote me on.

The hair got road-tested on Friday night at Halo to little response, but that may be because not seeing my friend there, I bailed after less than half an hour. Tomorrow's the true field test, with 9 hours of work followed by a family dinner with visiting relatives and a Raveonettes show to top it all off. That's a long day for a new haircut, but I think we're up to it. Ladies, you have been warned. Sexily.

Pictures will come when I locate a camera. In their stead, enjoy a little hair-related conversation I had earlier:

James: but tomorrow, i shall sex up my new indie plumage, hit the show and enjoy some feedback. once i get some pictures taken I will show you my sexy new haircut. you can print it out, show it to all the ladies
Donell: haha
James: tell em there's a show that comes with all that plumage
Donell: i will put it on my door
James: ca-CAW


Donell said...

awwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaah

S. Allux said...

pompadour for the yes!

damir-tote said...

I have that that similar here